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listen up folks


donny is a nice guy
zach is a nice guy
nicole is a nice girl
christine is a nice girl
frankie is a nice guy
brittany is a nice girl
cody is a nice guy
derrick is a nice guy
amber is a nice girl
hayden is a nice guy
jocasta is a nice girl
victoria is a nice girl

just because someone says something you don’t agree with or makes a move you don’t like does not give you any excuse to start shitting on their personalities

none of these people above are racists or bullies like aaryn gries or amanda zuckerman

ALSO if someone gets to the end, they did play a good game, whether or not they “floated” or not. they made it, everyone else didn’t. i don’t get why christine is getting hate for not being put up or winning competitions, it’s week 4 and she’s actually doing a great job of keeping the target off of her

stop comparing this season to 15

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Derrick: Sorry to interrupt, did you eat the last piece of ham?

Donny: That was the last piece. 

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The Fosters

A cherry tree symbolizes birth, death and new awakening.

order of the phoenix + chapters

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